About Wild Lion Records

Wild Lion Records was born as an independent record label in order to introduce and support artists that produce intense, live music and, above all, born of the soul.

It is a project created by young musicians in order to gather in droves around a common fire. We try to produce pure and true music.

Taking care of our bands means not only edit and produce their albums, but also take care of the management, event production, distribution and editorial management. We also have our own recording studio that allows us to record our sound on our own way.

We work with all formats that allow us our means of production. Vinyl, cd or digital. For us music is more important than the medium which is hosted.

Wild Lion was created within The Faith Keepers of which in turn have emerged Los Bengala and The Fire Tornados. These three bands have forged so far the identity of Wild Lion Records that will continue to evolve into new forms of expression of the soul.